Review: LiveTrades, The Easiest Copy Trading Platform 2021

Review: LiveTrades, The Easiest Copy Trading Platform 2021

LiveTrades, recently Copy Trading has become one of the popular ways to trade without having to bother with the current market situation.

Besides all that, you also have to be able to choose a platform that provides a reliable Copy Trading system, and now we have the answer, namely LiveTrades.

About LiveTrades

LiveTrades is a new trading platform that can be used as a platform for copying trades of experienced traders.

This reduces their chances of losing and increases their chances of profiting from such a trade.

Automated and interactive platforms allow real time trading. The system automatically mimics the trading patterns of experienced traders and models them using a copy trader account.

This platform gives both novice and experienced traders access to advanced liquidity technology. This technology is used to collect data from live trading accounts and share it with users.

LiveTrades has earned its trust over the years with its transactions through banks. This makes transactions fast and secure.

Access and Registration

In just 5 minutes after registering with your KYC documents, your account will start trading within 24 hours.

Then, watch the traders and the system make trades in the market. Withdraw profits or see your account has the potential to be exchanged over and over again.

LiveTrades offers 2 types of investment strategies that you can choose from, namely: The Combo Trading Strategy and The Mixed Trading Strategy.

By following the most successful traders, such as “Lee’s Moderate Algo”, “ScalpingPro5”, “VIPAggressive99”, “NewsTrader900”, you can earn from 107.23% to 333.29% of your Return on Investment (ROI).

Cara kerja LiveTrades

LiveTrades allows deposits with fiat and cryptocurrency. Fiat deposits can be made using Bank Transfer, debit / credit cards, and more.

Cryptocurrencies available for deposit and withdrawal are BTC, BCH, LTC, USDT etc. You can choose one of the four types of accounts where you can deposit funds for free.

It should be noted that you need to choose an experienced trader to copy as well as the system. Most users just use the “blend” option to save them the pressure of going through the selection process.

After the deposit is made, your account will start trading automatically within 24 hours. This doesn’t require any work from you.

You will always be able to withdraw profits to your personal wallet, and depending on the account you choose, you will also be asked to pay a withdrawal fee of 25 EUR.

Affiliate Program

The platform has an affiliate program that allows its customers to earn commissions when their referrals deposit funds and trade / copy trades with LiveTrades.

These funds are available for immediate withdrawal or you can use them for trading. For each referral, you get starting from $ 1000 in a personal account:

  • 1-5 Friends: $1000 + 25% Ongoing RevShare.
  • 5+ Friends: $1500 + 25% Ongoing RevShare.
  • $50.000 + Deposit Friends: $2000 + 35% Ongoing RevShare

This program can be utilized by professional affiliate marketers / Introducing Brokers and those who wish to refer their personal network of friends and colleagues.

Customer Support

LiveTrades has an FAQ section to answer any questions regarding trading or copy trading that customers usually have.

In addition, there is a live chat option that allows them to communicate with the team in real-time. The email address is also open to customer complaints 24 hours a day.

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